The infinitely desirable sound of crappy mp3’s, broken cellphones, streaming videos, and much more.

Getting to know Lossy

In June of 2014, producer & friend-of-Goodhertz, Tyler Duncan, wanted a certain drum fill to sound like the year 2001 — that is, like a low bitrate digital mp3 ripped from KaZaA.

We understood him immediately. Since the dawn of the second recording format, mankind has longed for the aesthetic imperfections of the previous recording format.

“Would a bitcrusher do?” No, Tyler didn’t have 8-bit in mind. He wanted lossy digital audio: streaming music on a 56k modem, an mp3 ripped from a CD-R, light jazz music streamed over a cellphone, a YouTube video uploaded in 2007. What if a plugin could degrade digital audio and simulate those quintessential compressed sounds in realtime?

So we built Lossy: artifacts of heavily compressed audio in a highly tweakable realtime plugin.

Goodhertz asks: are you ready to nostalgize the beautiful harmonics of heavily compressed digital audio? Are you ready to enter the underwater cathedral?

Lossy in use

Nov. 19, 2014

Automating Lossy & Vulf Compressor (“Light Years Below”)

Finding strange frequencies with a combination of two very different types of compression.