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    How to Use Tupe for Mastering
    How to get the most out of Tupe in a mastering session Sept. 27, 2021 Read more...
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    High Quality Wow & Flutter — an Oxymoron?
    What is “high-quality” wow & flutter? Sept. 28, 2016

    We’ve said in a couple places that Wow Control (our latest plugin!) has a fancy, high quality wow & flutter algorithm. But what exactly does that mean? Isn’t the whole point of wow & flutter to not be so hi-fi?

    Sort of.

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    CanOpener Studio vs. Waves Nx
    What’s ideal when mixing on headphones? Feb. 24, 2016

    In the Goodhertz audio lab in California, Goodhertz founder Devin Kerr does the majority of his critical listening at the mixing desk.

    In August of 2012, after months of working on CanOpener Studio, and a lifetime of listening to music mostly on headphones, I got my first opportunity to visit the lab and hear music the way Devin does, at that desk, on a pair of professional-grade speakers — a highly controlled acoustical environment, tuned for his professional tasks (mixing, mastering, algorithm-designing).

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