About Goodhertz & Goodhertz Plugins

What is Goodhertz?

Goodhertz is a Californian audio software company that currently makes audio plugins and licenses audio algorithms for embedding on the Mac & iOS platforms.

Who are you?

Goodhertz is Devin Kerr, Rob Stenson, & TaeHo Park. Devin does the calculus, Rob makes the buttons work, and TaeHo does the planning & strategy. They also master audio, play banjo, & compose music, respectively.

How long have you been doing this?

This site/store opened in November of 2014, although Goodhertz as a collaboration began in December of 2012.

Are you hiring?

Current job openings are posted here.

What does “simple interfaces” mean?

A lot of digital plugin interfaces are based on physical interfaces, old rack-mounted hardware for instance. Don't get us wrong, we love physical interfaces, but a physical knob that's easy to turn between two fingers makes no sense to drag with a mouse. Basically, a lot of plugins are visually complex in an unnecessary way, for aesthetic purposes only. On the other hand, some plugins are digital natives — not a drop shadow or knob in sight — but suffer visual complexity for a different reason: too many controls, too many options. We try to strike a balance: embrace the elegance of hardware without the affectation, & focus primarily on usability over aesthetics.

Whose stern face sits at the bottom right of every page on this site?

Henry Rudolf Goodhertz, failed meteorologist & discoverer of electromagnetic waves.

Is your name meant to be a play on the Anglicized form of the Alsatian surname Guthertz?


anchor How is your company name spelled?

Goodhertz, Inc. is our official name, but we also go by “Goodhertz” and “Ghz” (i.e. what is spelled out in our logo). Note the lowercase h.

What is your relation to Vulf Records?

The founder of Vulf Records first met Goodhertz in a business setting.

Do you make anything besides plugins for Mac OS X?

You can find our signal processing tech in FHX for Fidelia, a high quality music player for Mac OS X.

Who designed the icons used in your plugins?

The manual icon was designed by Dmitry Baranovskiy; the free trial clock by Nick Green; & the explosion by Marwa Boukarim — all from the Noun Project. All others were designed by Goodhertz.