Lohi GHZ-0006

Filter sweeps: lo, hi, & anywhere in between.


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Available Formats
 Mac OS X ≥ 10.7
Audio Unit 64-Bit (AU64)
AAX 64-Bit
Why Mac Only?

Aloha, Lohibefore and after.

Lohi is a filter plugin specifically designed for sweeps & realtime control.

Some examples of features being controlled in realtime:

  • Analog-style LO, HI, BP filter types
  • Totally variable filter slope (up to 96 dB/Oct)
  • Independently controlled resonance
  • Built-in limiter & analog saturator with a big iron transformer sound
  • Mix knob for the filter section

Whether you’re a music producer, DJ, sound designer, or mix engineer, you probably have a need for a simple filter that doesn’t get upset when you automate it or change it in realtime.

Although many filtering plugins exist, we’ve always struggled to find one that was easy to use and did what we wanted: sweepable frequency, variable slope, & independently controlled resonance. So we built those things into Lohi, and we included a killer analog-modeled limiter/saturator for some character and a mix knob for the filter section. Automate any parameter you like: filter type, saturation, mix — they're all meant to be happily controlled without artifacts, clicks, or pops.